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KOCI (cock•e) Clothing Co. established in 2004, is a black owned family business owned and operated by Kawame Curry Sr., Kyrie Curry (19), Kawame Curry Jr. (16), and Kaalyah Curry (13). KOCI Clothing Co. is not just another line of men, women and youth clothing, it's a statement. It’s the BLACK print of Fashion.


K.O.C.I stands out and stands for Konfidence Of Certain Individuals. 


In this world we live in today, we have all shapes and sizes of men and women. But sadly to say, because of the quote unquote "You Need To Be Slim Image" embedded into to the minds of society, not everyone has the Konfidence or better yet shows the Konfidence that he or she really possesses.


With KOCI, we want our consumers whether big or small to enjoy life to the fullest, and look good doing it. 


We accommodate everyone and have a style that will fit your everyday life.


We specialize in Custom… Just that Simple… If you don’t have what you need… We’ll Make what you need.


We offer a wide variety of items from:


  • Graphic Tees

  • Custom Hats

  • Full Custom Sweat Suits

  • Men and Women’s Fashion

  • Custom Youth Fashion

  • Custom Youth Sports Apparel

  • Custom Embroidery

  • Custom Vinyl Printing

  • Custom Screen Printing

  • Custom Direct to Garment Printing


And so much More.

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