KOCI Clothing's all news 'Gametime Hoodie Dresses', are a very comfortable 50/50 cotton and polyester blend are available in a variety of colors and able to be customzied with your favorite sports team in an amazing embroidery finish.


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  • Due to possible shipping delays related to Covid-19, KOCI Clothing 'Gametime Hoodie Dresses' are now available for pre-order (10/16/2020 - 10/19/2020). If pre-ordered by 10/19/2020 as a bonus you will receive a free KOCI Clothing facemask.

    Items will be available and ship on or before Monday, November 9, 2020. There are no refunds unless your items are not received by end of day, Friday, November 20, 2020.


KOCI (cock•e) Clothing Co. established in 2004, is the BLACK print of Fashion. We accommodate everyone & have styles that fit your everyday life.

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